Natalee Dyer

A spunky petite with the ambition to tell stories.

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I did another thing. This one I’m calling Nat, What’re You Listening To?

Where I tell you about all the different random music I listen to… And how I found it. Thanks.

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Guys I did a thing really late last night. It was fun and I think I’ll do the thing again tonight. But first to get better lighting and maybe use an actual camera and not just my laptop. Anyway, I reviewed the new webseries Caper. If you haven’t seen it you can find it on or youtube.

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Natalee A. Dyer


Height: 5’2”              Weight: 108               Hair: Brown              Eyes: Green


Molly Killed A Guy                              Principal                    

Hit Me                                                 Background                

Horrorse                                             Principal                    

Old Time Silent Comedy                   Supporting     

The Spy Who Hugged Me                 Supporting                 


Once Upon a Mattress          Maid                 Bend Senior High School

Singing in the Rain                 Chorus             Bend Senior High School

Three Sisters                          Ferapont          Bend Theater for Young People

Trojan Women                        Chorus             Bend Theater for Young People


BFA Cinema Studies                        University of Oregon

Advanced Screenwriting                  University of Oregon              Cai Emmons

Acting I                                              University of Oregon

Special Skills:

Juggling           Beginner Guitar           Driver’s License      Drive Manual              Passport          Snow Skiing                Snowboarding        Paddle Boarding       Intermediate Yoga                       Beginner Kickboxing